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Online shops are seeing demand and supply increase. But the crisis has changed the preferences of consumers. The sales of the old favorites are declining, while others are buying more. Additionally, consumers will choose to purchase cheaper goods and services when their earnings decline and their unemployment rises. This should be considered when making the selection - choose inexpensive goods of acceptable quality.

The demand for children's goods in the online space is growing every year. The study found that online sellers of children's items made 39% more sales after the crisis than they did before.

Demand is not affected by the current crisis. Parents are not saving money for children. At the start of the quarantine, it was essential to provide everything a child needed to get through the quarantine without needing to leave the home.

Sales of products for children increased sharply against the backdrop of the outbreak of coronavirus. The chain's sales are up by 45%. The online sales grew by more than three times, with more online orders than 18% of the total sales.

The baby food market is particularly well-liked. Baby food is bought 6.7x more often than normal. The sales of diapers increased by 3 times while the demand for baby and infant products increased by 2.8 percent. Toys, clothing, shoes, and shoes were the top five best-selling items.

In addition to selecting an area of interest In addition to deciding on a niche, an Internet entrepreneur should know the trends in the market for online commerce. Pricing is a major aspect. Buyers are considering the price in light of the economic crisis.

One of the most important facts is that mobile device users must have access to the store site. This is due to the fact that smartphones and other devices make up a significant part of online sales.


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